So i've been playing arena

And I am beyond confused why I’m a platinum, but that’s not why I’m making this thread. I have a few gripes about things. They don’t bother me too much because I’m enjoying the game more than im griping and ranting.

  1. The spawns. They aren’t very good. I would really like to spawn in the vicinity of a teammate. Its worse off in warzone (in my experience).

  2. People not knowing how to play the game. You really shouldn’t jump straight into arena. You shouldn’t. You’re an -Yoink- if you do. One guy decided it was a good idea to jump in the very second after he booted the game up. He had no idea how the controls work or how any of the weapons worked. THAT is unforgivable. There are 2 perfectly good modes for you to go to, to get acquainted with the game.

  3. People quitting. People still quit when they’re losing. It’s extremely aggravating when people cant dedicate barely 10 minutes to an arena match. For God’s sake this isnt counter strike where matches last 45 minutes to an hour.

  4. Splinter grenades. Ive watched teammates walk straight into that then scream “wtf dude. Awful teammates I have today.” Dude. I took time to just watch you walk straight into that grenade. Its not my fault you walked head first into that betrayal, I have video footage, it’s recorded.

  5. Respawn time for weapons. It’s very fast. extremely fast. It’s a regular thing for me to pick up whatever weapon i choose, whether its a power weapon or a mid tier one, use all the ammo, the come back to see another sitting there waiting for me. This one is a 50/50. I like it and hate it at the same time. On one hand, both teams have a go at weapons, keeping things even. On the other hand… the team who picks up the most weapons wins.

In my experience anyway of like 10 arena games. I just felt like venting. I love the game as it is anyway.