So it's not just me?

Honestly, It’s nearly a month since release and I’m already getting bored with the multiplayer. It could be due to the lack of maps or the excessive games I’ve joined half way on a losing team that’s getting completely dominated.

But anyhow, as I was browsing through the reviews and forums about halo 4, it seems like I’m not the only one is a tiny bit disappointed by the release and downfall of the Halo franchise.

I’m not saying 343 didn’t do a good job, this is a step up from Halo Reach, but by far, I don’t see why gaming companies that decide to make Halo from scratch get game play mechanics from Halo 3? or perhaps even recreate it.

Remember the awesome items you could pick up like the flare or perhaps the bubble shield? it was alot of strategic and frankly rewarding. How it feels like Halo mixed with COD. And before you start -Yoinking!- about on how it’s nothing like COD, Have some perspective and face reality.

Halo was never meant to have a “kill streak bonus” but on the contrary there have been some good adoptions like the kill cam. But aside from that, it’s kinda been a let down.

P.S. My xbox arcade cannot run split screen without lagging like a -Yoink- x.x