So it's not Halo 5, but will it be a sequel?

I’m just really confused with the direction 343 (or probably Microsoft actually) is taking with the Reclaimer “saga”. Is it still going to be Halo 4, 5, 6, etc. but it’s just going to keep going with like 7, 8, 9 possibly? Or will there be intermediate games between each installment like Halo 4, Halo XBO, Halo 5, something else, Halo 6?

I’m just so confused. All I really want is for there to be a full-fledged Halo game that is a full-fledged sequel to Halo 4.

Its Halo 5. They can call it something else, but its halo 5.

Is it an fps? yes.
Does it continue the plot line from four? yes.
Does it use a different game engine? yes.

Its Halo 5.