So, it's been 113 days since the game launched

And so far…

…yeah that’s all I have to say not much has changed in those 113 days.


If it bothers you that much, maybe jump to another game and give this one a few more months ( maybe even longer ) so that it’ll hopefully have more content to work with when you get back perhaps?

There are plenty of great games out there that you can play in the meantime are there not?

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Sometime soon, Halo Infinite will probably join the likes of Fallout New Vegas, Anthem, and No Man’s Sky - remembered as a game with a terrible launch but a legend farther down the line.

That is new… why did my post need approval?

True, it’s just a sham how 343 went about all this.

Should have waited another 4 days before posting something like this, it would have been more fitting.

Elden Ring has replaced Infinite for me. From Software made a fantastic game. The world is much larger, the story is longer, multiplayer is your typical Souls-like, and everything in it is yours to earn without any form of real payment. Until DLC is announced of course.

Halo Infinite was my most wanted game. Now all I see is what most people see, an incomplete failure. Not that it failed in sales, but in expectations and everything else within a Halo game. It hurts so much to think that Infinite SHOULD’VE BEEN the Elden Ring of the Halo series.

A passion set aflame for all to enjoy. For many hours of gameplay and content to see, things to do, customise to hour hearts content… yet we get the scraps. The overpriced shop, the redundant rarities, the lack of 90% of gamemodes from the past classics.

So in all, Season 2 has my interest piqued, I’ll play only for events, and check every week on MCC for the missing CE Warthog skins I need. But for now, Elden Ring is all I’ll play until Halo calls out again.

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