So It Seems 343 Is Only After The Money

What I liked about Bungie? They connected with their fans, they enjoyed their job, they had personality. They cared about money, but they also cared about their fans. They didn’t change the game until Reach, but even then it wasn’t like any other game out there. Now it seems Halo 4 will be like every other FPS. Why? Because the more people it appeals for, the more money. People had faith in you guys. Halo fans are the only people that matter for you. Why? Because, like every mainstream game where the devs try to cater to the masses, ends up getting neglected in a few months. This is what will happen to Halo 4. See, Halo 2/3 has people playing only all the time. Why? Bungie catered to the Halo fans, not everyone. This is how it should be, but instead, you came for the people who will abandon your game regardless, not the people who want the game to go in the right direction. Now everyone is mad, and I think this is truly the only time the Halo community hasn’t been at each others throats since 2007. You ruined Halo for me 343, so I’m going to get off, and seriously hope this is all fake.

Can folks at least rent the game to try it first?

More threads =/= helpful. C’mon guys, throw us a bone.

If they are able to make Halo 4 appeal to virtually everyone, including the CoD fanbase, along with tying in the hardcore Halo fans, they will reap the benefits. It will show in the profits, but the online population of Halo 4, I think, will have a similar outcome that Reach had. It will have 700,000-800,000 online at a time like Reach, then the numbers will dwindle.