So is the Tenrai event game mode just fiesta?

From the trailer they put out it seems like the only thing out of the ordinary was the power weapons the players had, so did they just take fiesta and instead of giving it at launch they turned it into an event game mode? I hope I’m wrong…

Hang on there’s a trailer already?

Yeah the event starts tomorrow.


I guess he means this. Says nothing. But yah I hope they won’t hide fiesta behind events…

We’ll it doesn’t have anything shouting it’s feista it just looks like a btb match cause you can get the sword and grav hammer on fragmentation

Should be today.

20 character limit…

If we get fiesta before a social slayer playlist I will rage


It might not be fiesta, but I also didn’t get any new game mode vibes from the trailer, so since I saw one guy with sword and sniper, the other with a hammer and a third somewhere playing with the heatwave, I just thought that’s a lot of non standard weapons.

this entire game is fiesta


Tenrai starts at 10am PT/6PM UK time.

It’ll have its own free BattlePass.
I believe Fracture events such as this are active for 1 week per month of the season.

You’ll have plenty of time to level it up.
This is not just a playlist update.

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But the playlist update is the only interesting thing about the event.

not if its fiesta. I dont know why you guys like that -Yoink!-. I mean it shows that 343 loves fiesta because BTB is fiesta

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That’s an opinion.

You may believe that, that’s fine however you can’t use that as a fact that “all the fracture event is worthless other than a playlist update”.

We’re all entitled to our opinions, I’m trying to give actual information to players instead of putting a negative bias onto a subject.

Let’s take away the negative lens, things become much more fun when you actually take time to just enjoy the moment.

I understand, and don’t get me wrong, the cosmetics look pretty nice. The thing is, most of it will be behind the shop paywall, so as much as I would like to get the nice looking armors that they have advertised, I won’t be able to do so. So what’s left for me is the new game mode they also advertised, which is what this thread is about.

Fiesta is fun for about 2 games. A brand new game mode would be awesome though. Energy sword duels could be nice and it would also fit the theme.

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These two things do not compute.

Sad to say I was right, instead of giving us fiesta to play when ever we want, we need to grind it during an event with inconsistent challenges. And what a -Yoink!- battle pass this is again, the armor that is on the events banner isn’t even available anywhere. I played for a while with friends and nobody was enjoying any of it, we either grinded fiesta while making sure to complete the challenges, or went back to quick play because some of us were out of Tenrai challenges. Why the hell aren’t the Tenrai challenges in addition to the normal ones instead of replacing them. During our whole session, nobody was having fun, we can’t even play with the weapons we like or even the way we like because of this brain dead system 343 has made.

In conclusion, what a -Yoink!- show!

3 weeks scheaduled, 7 events per week… 30 ranks to event… Am i missing something??