So is the ranking system like the arena in reach?

Bronze, silver, gold, and onyx? I was pretty average at reach and even I could reach onyx in the arena. It really wasn’t hard to achieve compared to getting a 50 in halo 2, or 3. Does anybody know how the ranking system works here then? Can you pretty easily get to the higher ranks or is it actually tough? I’m really glad that we have a skill based system but I’d be disappointed if it sucked and was easy like reach. /:

After Onyx there is also Semi-Pro and Pro. Pro division will consist of the top 200 players in the world. Unlike Reach it does not go off of personal stats alone, but also the skill level of your opponents and teammates and if you won or lost. Its more like a mix of Halo 2’s ranking system with Halo Reach’s.

Interesting. Sounds like it could be promising. I still would prefer the traditional 1-50 to be honest but if the ranking system here is actually a true reflection of a players skill then I can’t complain.

I agree with you on liking 1-50 better but this looks like it has potential and could be an accurate measure of skill for a player.