So Is it just me or did anyone else notice this in MCC Forge

Hey so is it just me or did anyone else discover that there a hidden item count limit in halo reach forge in mcc? As I was making a map inspire by halo infinite and had like 3 thousand some budget left and couldn’t place more stuff down. As I am making it as well in Halo 4, 3 and 2 ann multiplayer forge, and don’t want to find out the same thing there as well of a hidden item limit when have a big budget upgrade.

You’re not the only one to figure that out. I updated an Invasion map that I transferred over from the Xbox 360 version of Halo: Reach and waited until the Thorage Update to finalize it before I capped out on the number of pieces that I was able to place. I should mention that I had significantly more money left over than you did once I was done making my adjustments and improvements to the map (over 11000 dollars left).

They [343i] did fix a certain graphical bug that was making it difficult to even look at the map once I reached that threshold. While appreciated, I was hoping to add more pieces to it once they fixed that bug. Sadly, that is no longer the case.


Yes this has been a known thing for a LONG time. However I would suggest asking 343 to fix it so that the game can handle everything the player needs with the increased budget, as well as an increased map limit so that we can make better use of the forge update.

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