So is it just a beta or is it the full multiplayer launch?

From all the reporting I’ve seen, it sounds like the full multiplayer is available today but 343 called it the beta. Is the full multiplayer available today or just a portion of it? I’m thinking maybe they’re calling it that because there are still some things like maps and other content that will be available on December 8th but that at least half or more of the multiplayer is available now. I just wanted to see if anyone has heard why they’re calling it the multiplayer beta if the full multiplayer has launched

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It includes context for the full multiplayer.

i pre ordered on steam (i dont have game pass) can i play halo infinite?

Would someone be a doll and tell us how many multiplayer maps are avaible? I wont have access to my computer for several hours today and Im curious how many maps are there. Im guessing only 7 or 8

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Halo: Infinite multiplayer is free to play for everyone

According to the new post 343i posted right after the announcement there are 10 maps and it is a beta.

Unfortunately, there are two types of halo fans right now; 1) those playing the game, 2) and those stuck at work/school wishing they were playing the game looking for more information on forums and YT. There are none that are playing the game and on the forums.


Full suite they calling it a beta to insulate from day one bugs and the official launch is December 8 but effectively this is the full game

  1. @BlueDevistator the low speed crew that won’t finish install till tomorrow.
    Especially if you are in Europe and its already late.

10 total. 7 slayer and 3 BTB maps from what i could see in the blog.

There’s 10 maps. They’re calling it a beta probably to give them some leeway to fix some bugs and server issues over time and they’ll patch in new stuff as we get closer to Dec. 8 alongside the Campaign. All of your progression will carry over to the full launch though so this isn’t a closed off test beta, but instead kind of like “early access.”


I’m sitting here waiting for the Xbox store to let me download it :frowning:

343 have called today’s launch a beta. It is hard to say whether or not it is the full version of the multiplayer, but calling it a beta is a smart move on 343’s part. Essentially they are protecting themselves from backlash if any
nasty bugs are found or if the servers don’t play nice.

I believe it’s a beta if my mind remembers so when it release but I think I have no dam say because i can’t get Xbox game pass I’m just screwed

I’ve been waiting on install for getting on 3 hours now. :smile:

Played through the tutorial and did all my admin stuff but no joy; still at 67 percent. Forget my internet connection.

#3, watching 17 gbs download at a snails pace. See y’all in 2 days!

Actually, I qualify for that last one. With load times the way they are, I pretty much spend more time waiting than playing the game, so there’s plenty of time to visit the forum.