So, is everything gone?

Is everything we’ve been doing, ranking up, making forums, spartan companies, just gone? Has all my progress with forum posting to get my forum rank up just worth nothing now?


These things will be coming over eventually


That only mentions posts though, how about everything else OP mentioned? Also profile bio is another thing gone.


You can edit your profile bio by going to ‘preferences’ from the top right of Waypoint and locating the ‘profile’ section on the left of the page.

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Thanks, but it didnt migrate my old bio. Would have been nice if they gave some warning that stuff like this would be deleted.

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Is “eventually” just putting a pin in this conversation, or does anyone know exactly when they will come over?

I don’t know what 343’s timescales are on migrating, but I do know that the work is ongoing to get things completed


I can add a lil here regarding Spartan Companies! According to the “Waypoint vNext: FAQ” blog from last month.

For Halo 5 , what’s happening specifically with Spartan Companies and User Generated Content (UGC)?
KP: Spartan Companies will still appear in Halo 5 but without our interface you will no longer be able to edit your Company info or roster. (So, if you have any planned updates, we recommend you do them now .) Your Company’s Service Record and Commendations will not be visible, but they will continue to tick behind the scenes and rewards (including Achilles) will continue to be granted. Your roster will be locked with no way to add, remove, promote, or demote members. Spartan Company forums will no longer be available.

So this may help provide a lil clarity. The Spartan Company forums are no longer available I am sorry to say.

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Thanks for posting that. I wish I knew about this post beforehand. Pretty disappointing to see stuff like Spartan company, h5 content and hw2 service record just disappear into thin air.

Access to Spartan Companies is gone.
They still exist, and rewards will still be earned, but you can’t see or edit them anymore.

I never got to join one :frowning:

Sorry to hear that.
Unfortunately we didn’t get much time to sort this out.

New forum, new data. I see letting old forum ranks as a good thing even we invested a long time debating on old forum posts.

I rather have my stats start from scratch that bring over the horrendously bugged ones from the previous Waypoint.

Thank goodness. Glad to hear that.

Where is the Halo 5 site, and my REQ pages? I can’t get to any of that and Halo 5 isn’t even listed anymore.

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Where is the Halo 5 site, and my REQ pages? I can’t get to any of that and Halo 5 isn’t even listed anymore.

If you go to home page of HaloWaypoint, click on your profile picture, then on the drop menu click on your service record. It will bring up MCC, Halo 5, and Fireteam Raven. Click on Halo 5. It will take you to your Halo 5 Service Record, where there is a detailed Req Page. Including Unopened Packs, and the Store. Hope this helps.

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RIP to my ODST-Onyx rank, been on Waypoint since 2014 now to starting back from scratch is like starting a new account


Tbh old forums were fine.


Yea this feels a bit odd.
I hope some of those stats come back over eventually.