So infinite is a sort of 'Endgame'

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I doubt it’s true and I hope its not. I despise time travel sheninigans, especially if it’s to reboot a story. If they truly believe to have screwed up so royaly that a reboot is due time, okay. Fine by me! End the story with Infinite before that though. The next game than is just going to be called Halo, just Halo. A full reboot with zero connection to the reclaimer saga or Bungie’s games.

Wanna give Halo 4 a second try without getting rid of the originals? That’s fine by me as well! H4 with docent side characters, the same vibe of older entries, better AI, open spaces, no sprint and decent weapon balancing? That sounds like a dream! We also could rewrite that obscenity that was the "let’s punch an atomic bomb and survive by electronic girlfriend TP bubble world" scene!

I’m not against the idea of rebooting Halo, especially if it means that we can leave H4 and (especially) H5G behind us, or by the veryeat retelling them and acting like 343i take Was a parallel universe. The moment they use time travel as a plot device though every tension will be lost. Death, war, the Flood… Everything becomes meaningless. If a reboot is coming, just do it without universe ruining plot devices please! We already got the “you’re the chosen one” nonsense, spare us with other terrible cliché stories!

That said, there are two rumours with very similar contents floating the web and the sources are apparently from two different people… So sadly there is a possibility that this ends to be true. I still got doubts of course, based on the infos we had so far it is improbable that we’re leaving zeta Halo at all. Also Chief and Blue Team were on Reach just a week or so prior to Hi events, why would he go back in first place? What about the post war add in the museum about the soldier talking about the events on Reach? If the universe gets a reset, that event couldn’t be real. Yet it’s canon!

You guys see the issues with time travel? I really hope that if there is a reboot, than please make it its own universe with a proper distinct lore with zero connections to the old trilogies.