So in the new fodder cannon....

the answered a question like “was the thing in the e3 2014 halo trailer a war sphinx?”
They went on to say " no, but you have seen into the eyes of one of the variants of a war sphynx while invesitgating halseys lab in halo 4"…

I never played halo 4, can somebody explain?

I don’t remember investigating Halsey’s lab in Halo 4, so I haven’t the faintest idea what that means…

this just made me so curious :frowning: I wanna know haha

Yeah its really cool its in the mission the composer in Halo 4 its in a specimen tube in Dr Halseys lab when you hit the audio log for it and talks about how it’s in ocular device or some type of focusing device and stuff its really cool.

Wooooooot i wanna see that , in whic part is that? is it this lab you go in , wehre you have to kill 2 hunters

NVM i just saw it, cool to know its part of a war sphynx

You need to play Halo 4’s campaign then. It’s pretty epic.

Its not a war sphinx, but it definantly holds importance, as master chief finds it in the e3 trailer, and if you look closely you can see a hologram of it in arbiters ship

I just went to Halo wiki and there it says that war sphinxs are exoskeletons. That means that they are controlled by people and, if the structure in the trailer was a war sphinx, there was a forerunner inside.