so in one of the achievements...

it says says get a significant amount of air at midnight so does this just mean its a night time mission?

I don’t know I mean I would say ‘midnight’ would refer to it being night-time seeing that it has ‘night’ in it.

but it could also suggest that the entire mission is not at midnight

It might be the name of an area.

I want a nighttime mission so badly…can you imagine the neon pallet with the forerunner technology and structures at midnight? Aawwww yeah, that’d be awesome!

Midnight is the name of one of the missions, so the achievement must apply to that mission. But before i knew that, i thought that achievement was something similar to the vidmaster.

I thought we had to do something at midnight in our time zone to get the achievement. Sounds kinda silly but actually sounds really interesting as well.

“Midnight” might not be about the time of day.

In The Thursday War, it also mentions an ONI facility called Midnight. May be relevant.