So I'm trying to get a refund right now.

Short story - Halo Wars 2 mis-sold its season pass. Under EU law I have 2 years to ask for a refund, and under this situation I’m entitled to it. I’m asking MS support.

He’s telling me to ask 343i. I’m telling him that 343i do not directly respond to claims like this. They do not have a support contact outside of their forums. He suggests CA, and after about an hour of this I demand a link or email to contact 343i. he links me CA’s website ‘contact’ page. Which directly links me back here. As I said it would.

So the guy is lost and how to actually direct me to 343i.

MS’ answer to get a refund from 343i is basically, “go the the 343i forums”.

Mis-sold its season pass? This seems more like a case where someone signs a contract without reading it and then gets mad and tries to cancel. You should have read more into what you were buying, if I’m interpreting the situation correctly.

Hey OP, any refunds need to be sought from the retailer your purchased the game from or MS / XBL Support if you made a digital purchase from the store. Nobody from 343, CA or here on the forums can assist with refunds as they don’t handle any of the transactions or have access to your account to refund money