So, if you can change a Grunt’s armor color in forge…

Why can’t you change a Spartan’s colors just as freely in multiplayer?

Seems silly to me to not be consistent on this matter. I’m halfway surprised you don’t have to earn Forge coatings for different objects. Can we please get a confirmation on scraping armor coatings altogether, even if it’s still far out because you have to redo everything?


Grunts are obviously far more powerful and smarter than any spartan could hope to be. Everybody knows that.


Because money.

20 characters.


And instead of just fixing watchdog in less than a day, they never will. Just cause they don’t feel like it.
That system is probably what we were going to have…but…

To what variable can you change the grunt’s armor? Are there more options than the player’s Spartan has access to?

You can change armor color and texture. They showcased it in last week’s forge video.

Yapyap is just smarter than us.


I’m aware of this much, I was uncertain of the degree of customization and was hoping there was some information that could be used to compare/contrast the differences in player customization and AI customization.

they decided we can change the color and texture of dead grunts, and pretty much everything else in forge, but have to pay and grind our -Yoink!- off for even the most basic color combos. if this is the case why don’t they give us an armor forge that way we can atleast color our armor for free.