So I would like to actually have playable story events for our Multiplayer Spartans in Infinite

So I remember back before infinite launch that Joe Staten stated that our Halo Infinite multiplayer spartans will have there own story. Since COOP Network flight and mission replayability here and I don’t have a problem with clones of chiefs. But I would like to see in the future to have our multiplayer spartans have there own campaign missions/story like a Spartan OPS 2.0. As I like the idea of narrative events but wish the events also took place of actually fighting the banish and such as our Spartans, as I don’t like just full cutscenes of what our spartans is doing 100% of the time as that takes the fun out of actually doing anything with the narrative story. As we had 2 successful campaigns that feature our multiplayer spartans and the story with them being Halo reach and Halo 4 Spartan OPS.

As I have HIGH HOPES that we will get the chance to do that in our own spartan story. But figure drop a feedback bout it as I highly agree that infinite should have a campaign mode for our multiplayer spartans especially since Halo infinite gonna be a ten year game. As Bungie did with destiny that our guardians was part of the destiny universe story and still provides the story content for our destiny characters that we love playing as which I play as a titan in destiny 1 and 2. But 343 please do this Route as well cause it will benefit you in my opinion to have more story in it and would meet everyone expectations like season 2 current story event to where our spartans to get sent to collect what ever the banish is defending on Camber. So good chance of fighting banished forces and even defending the academy from a banished attack whether solo or with friends or randoms.

As I am just giving you guys and gals at 343 Ideas for our multiplayer spartan story campaign, and have it like replayable as well. I know alot of people is probably agree to most of this idea and drop there own ideas down below in comment of there own idea. But 343 please don’t ignore really heavily request stuff as this is one of the Highly request by mostly everyone and halo content creators.


I’m not trying to be sour, but I fully believe that they’re gonna just use cutscenes to “give your spartan a story”.
I’d be extremely surprised if they do anything like Spartan Ops. It feels like they’ve got a track and we’re placed on it already via cutscenes and events. Not with gameplay and additional missions etc


They could change it up with Spartan Ops-esque modes and/or Firefight, but I feel like (without any shade towards 343) that Infinite is taking a similar approach to Infinity Ward’s Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare (insert rim shot here), where you start off with the commanders issuing in-game challenges for public multiplayer matches.

So, Idk IF anyone wants to do fanfics, but let’s just say we get more RP material than we bargained for, regardless of the approach.


Im actually completely against Multiplayer getting story content. I kind of feel like its a waste and making Multiplayer cannon was just not fun in H4 and 5. 343 already messed up by adding the stupid new spartan commander where her back story breaks current lore. There just doesnt seem to be a good reason to add story to MP.

I love the idea of unique single player missions featuring our Spartans dropping once a season. Imagine how cool it would be this season to have a mission where you go back to that Banished base and clear it out for the UNSC. Maybe unlock a few cosmetics or have some challenges associated with it. This game is in desperate need of PVE and there seems to be so much potential here. I’d love some end game dynamic events taking place on the ring like Banished invasions or a Scarab attack.


There should be a choice in matchmaking social playlist to play community game modes that are nominated by the content creator community.

forgers can make maps that pit a team of social matchmaking players against a team of bots to accomplish scripted objectives, then switch sides for each round.

all the players who press social matchmaking community scripted objectives gametype in the multiplayer menu will be able to try out new maps nominated by the forge community and work together on the same team to complete objectives to win rounds and games against bots on community made maps

within the social matchmaking community forge maps multiplayer matchmaking option

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Same I would like that as well of those Ideas at least. As well have it to where it also replayable as well. Though would like coop version of it as well.

That a decent Idea to be honest.

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thanks for your support!

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Honestly any PvE content that isn’t a Chief campaign I’m open to, and while I love playing Chief and experiencing just story, I do like when my Spartan has an important role in the universe and partially why I enjoyed the concept of Spartan Ops.

Speaking of Crimson, maybe we could play as them again, or perhaps our new Spartan in Infinite joins the team on a mission wherever they may be, and Crimson talks to us about what they (which is essentially what us players) did in Spartan Ops?

Idk, just some quick brainstormed ideas as I really love PvE just as much as PvP to mix things up.


your welcome there heh

Which is good idea and thought bout it.

I am very excited about forge

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Same even though I ain’t a forge maker myself. But can’t wait to see what forge will have in store.