So I was tinkering in Halo 4's Forge and noticed that

… the sandbox featured several items that I would have loved to see in Halo Reach’s own. Keep in mind that I’ve never actually used Halo 4’s Forge in MCC until just recently. So, seeing this was a little confusing to me.

Surely, including some objects, such as the Covenant Watchtower, the crate and wall-mounted variants of the gun racks seen throughout the campaign, the UNSC and ONI variants of the packing crates, the small covenant crate that is seen quite prominently on Corvette, the Covenant Signal Jammer, and the larger Covenant Antenna, as well as a multitude of other, smaller, objects, like the grenade crate, rucksack, and radio, would not have been too difficult to add into the palette, right?

This isn’t a demand of 343i on my part, more of a genuine inquiry. While the new objects were, and still are, greatly appreciated, I feel that more could have been added to Reach’s palette in order vary up map design and diversify a map’s scenery. There are so many cool things that I could have done with just the Watchtowers in Invasion maps alone.

Did anyone else that uses Forge feel a bit put off by this when the Thorage Update was first released or am I alone in thinking this way?