So i was getting ready mentally to come back to Halo but

The roadmap is soooooo disappointing ive been a halo fan for years…well actually more than a decade now wow crazy to think about but at this moment and time is the most ive been disappointed to be a Halo fan. 343 has to see that this roadmap has been looked forward to since a little after launch. Pros and regular players alike were waiting for this roadmap and for it to be this disappointing is just so sad and disappointing in ways i cant explain. The biggest DISAPPOINTMENT IS SEASON 2 LASTING 6 MONTHS LIKE SEASON 1. When the battlepass will be 100 lvls and most players that paly everyday will be done with it within 2 weeks and average player 1 month to 2 which leaves at least 4 months of “dead” play time with nothing to play for and why would players play your game if they have nothing to play for most already have done that through season 1 which was LONG AND BORING FOR 99% OF PLAYERS BUT THE DEDICATED STAYED BECAUSE THEY LOVE HALO AND WERE HOPING AGAINST HOPE THAT SEASON 2 WOULD BE BEYOND GREAT. But to our disappointment season 2 is just blah and if you set aside the suite of cosmetic options, new features planned for Halo Infinite ’s first year amount to…three new modes and two new maps AGAIN THREE NEW MODES AND TWO NEW MAPS IN ITS FIRST YEAR OF BEING A “LIVE” GAME IS JUST :sob:. We cant sit here and make excuse after excuse after excuse for 343 and why this and that are pushed back again and again really? Do you realize that SEASON 2 WILL END IN NOVEMBER!!! ON HALO INFINITES ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY BASICALLY. 2 SEASONS IN 1 YEAR IDK im trying to find some excuse to make to keep playing let alone try playng competitively in tournaments for fun and stuff but i cant seem to make anymore which sadden me to the core. Idk why are you guys still playing besides your love for halo it cant be because of all the content that 343 is releasing.

I’m going in with the mindset that next week we’re getting a new battle pass, two new maps, and some more game modes!

And soon after that - more events.

I love KOTH. So that’s a bonus. Last Spartan Standing sounds like a lot of fun. And who isn’t excited by Repulsor Rockets or Ninja Swords?

It’s awesome to feast for a bit after starving for so long.

Will all that tide me over for 6 months. Nope. Not a chance. But it will make the next few months a lot more fun. And that’s the important thing. Live and play in the now.

Just gotta hope that Forge comes through with the goods to save Sep-Nov.

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Sorry to see you go. Can I have your Xbox?