So I understand the frustration towards MTXs in Infinite

But I have a serious question…

Why isn’t this same frustration being vented towards Fortnite, where you can buy not just skins, but emotes…

Or in Warzone, where you can buy different colored reticles.

I don’t know Apex or Valorant but I’m pretty damn sure their shop is the same as Infinites, if not worse.

This is how all F2P games are. I have literally no idea why people thought it’d be different.

I’m not defending 343s MTX by any means because I’m upset about it also, including the latest leak about even more MTXs which has yet to be confirmed or denied by 343. But if you want this all to change, why not want the change for the F2P BR’s which are loaded with MTXs also? Why is it that 343 is receiving blacklash like hell but these games aren’t and their MTXs are the EXACT same as Infinites just different stuff? Why is it that 343 is being thrown under the bus yet all these other F2P BRs been without backlash?

Don’t be upset because 343 decides to monetize or over-monetize but other devs do the same thing and a blind eye gets turned to it.

And yes I know the whole “well the campaign is $60 so what right do they have still charging for skins?”

Didn’t Modern Warfare do the same damn thing? Where’s the continued anger towards that? 343 shouldn’t be any different but except for some reason it’s like the whole situation is different?

Like come now…

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Because we were told they weren’t going to do this, and it was a bold faced lie. So much to the point that the article from last year has been deleted from the news feed.

Because fortnite has always been like that and character customization has never been a large part of call of duty. With this change we are actively losing features that have been included every FPS halo game for the past 15 years. When you pick up a halo game you have expectations. There will be an assault rifle, there will be covenant species, and you will get to customize your spartan without spending extra money are all examples of this

I don’t play either of those games. The last COD I played was MW2. I dropped the franchise after that.

343 Lied about the state of microtransactions in the game, that’s one reason, they said it was player first, that you would have plenty of free options, that most of the customization was earned and could not be purchased, that they weren’t using coatings to just sell you back colors, all lies.

Besides the lies, Halo already has expectations to have good armor customization because it’s been a staple of the series since Halo 3, the game being free to play is irrelevant when it fails to meet the most basic of expectations regarding that, I for one would have preferred the game have just stayed $60 while allowing me to actually earn all the items in the game rather then having to pay over a thousand blamming dollars to unlock all the exclusive store items.


We didn’t ask for Halo to go f2p.


The tedious challenge system and lack of reward for good gameplay are a big part of it. It makes the whole battle pass feel like a job.

It’s like when I go to work and feel like I just have to get through the day so I can get to the fun stuff after work. That’s how the battle pass feels right now. Each week, I have to get through it so I can get to the fun stuff that is playing the game the way that is actually fun.

Because I do not play these games and never wanted Halo to go into that direction. The F2P + Microtransaction was not the choice of the Fans/Community. And 343 made a lot of noise about “player expression and freedom”. We only get these if we pay.
In some leak I saw the one Helmet I realy love beeing in a 20€ Shop Bundle, both Shoulder sets I love in a 10€ bundle on their own.
We don’t even got the option to buy JUST the Items we want, even if I am okay with paying a bit, I have to pay a horrendous ammount for trash I do not want just to get a single Armor piece.

I don’t play Fortnite and warzone because I like to avoid this crap. Now it’s invading franchises I care about and I don’t like it. I hate grinding and I want a reasonable progression system

I don’t have a problem with transactions if they are reasonably priced. $5 for the color red is not reasonably priced.

I keep repeating this, but if they insist on making us pay, just release a catalog of all the available armors for flat rates. 2$ per armor piece. Just create the spartan you want, and buy it.
I do not want to grind for Reach armor again.
Personally think we should get the reach armors for free, and am against this practice, but if it must be there make it more user friendly.

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In my case its the lies coupled with the fact that they had four years of development time since Halo 5’s last update and six years since Halo 5’s launch.

They repetedly said we would be able to earn some customization and that “player expression” was something they would prioritize. They also asked for feedback about the BP progression, the Challenges and everything else concerning the Live Service after the Flights. We played the Flights and we gave them a feedback that was almost universally somthing akin to “this system is terrible, please change it to something else” (with some community member even suggesting very good alternatives).

Even disregarding everything I just said, I find really irritating that Halo MCC has a better progression system and Halo 5, with its “progression system” allowed players to both buy in-gmae currency and earn it by playing while also beeing extremely profitable for 343/MS with its MTX implementation (I remember reading that the millions $ worth prizes for HCS were almost exclusively founded by Halo 5’s MTX).

Yeah after all the marketing “Our Battlepass will never expire” making it sound like they elimiated all FOMO. Now you have to wait weeks until the Shop Bundle with that one piece/shader is rotating in.
If we had full acces to all pieces with occasional sales on full bundles, that would be ok. And I don’t see why that would work worse than putting of Players and repeating the same s*** we have seen so many times before.