So I thought this was an october release


]( Description[
A classic Action Figure from Halo returns for the 10th Anniversary: Master Chief, just as he appeared in the very first game, Halo: Combat Evolved. The stylized, angular design is sure to remind long-time fans of how he appeared when he was first introduced at the beginning. This set includes the left half of the Build-a-Figure Difficulty Plaque, starting it at Easy level.

The Halo: Anniversary Series 1 6-inch Action Figure with Build-a-Figure Plaque Piece - Master Chief features:
]( action figure, assault rifle, grenade, and plaque pieceFill out your Halo collection with this re-release of a classic Halo action figureCreate the Build-a-Figure Difficulty Plaque by collecting all five action figures in this seriesAction figure is articulated at 26 pointsMade from plastic and features original paint designsAction Figure Height: 5.5 inches (6-inch scale)Set Weight: 6 oz[


> (McFarlane Toys)
> In addition, attendees can purchase Halo products from the Halo Fest merchandise store, including current Halo: Reach Series 4 products and the new Halo: Anniversary Series 1 line hitting stores October 2011!

Hmm…maybe they were shipped with a “do not sell until whenever” label but Toys R Us said screw it
Edit: On Amazon they are calling them Advance Series 1

Yeah they aren’t in the advance wave, the advance wave has a platinum MC (the same one as the sdcc exclusive) and a variant green Mk VI armored MC.