So... I recived an interesting email today.

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Interesting, How today i received an email from “snicker doodle” or whatever the -Yoink- his name is, saying. Your previous topic has been removed due to being un-constructive. Bull–Yoink- you little -Yoink- you only removed it because other people was agreeing, you fail to remove the countless posts and topics people post about you moderators and 343, I even checked your stats you haven’t even played the game that much. So im not “mad bro” im just saying i have a right to say things as i have indeed brought the LE and LE Xbox and have like every single halo game made. So if i want to speak about other gamer complaining i can. ? -Yoink- .

Well anyways fellow fans i expect myself to be banned impermanently for this post so enjoy the games dudes! Keep supporting 343 although they -Yoinked!- this one up a bit you cant deny they brought master chief back in style :stuck_out_tongue: .


Oh dear where to start…Actually, the only thing I really care to correct/fix from your ramblings is the fact that I’m not a guy. I’m a girl.