So I pre-ordered Halo 4

I’ve maxed out the only two specializations I have, wetwork and operator.
I never received a message with the code for the others.

Is this normal?

I pre-ordered and had played on live well before the twentieth of November.

The message is not on live, nor in my e-mail account connected to the live account.
After speaking to many support staff at microsoft, I am being told that 343 is no longer helping with this issue?

I just don’t want to have to wait to enjoy the perks of the game that I already purchased.

Please help me out.

Last bump,

Also I live in the US, I am 20 years old.

Not trying to be annoying, just tired of sitting around at level 70 having other people use their specializations.

I think the codes were sent to people who played ON the 20th, not before.

> I think the codes were sent to people who played ON the 20th, not before.

Well that’s just stupid isn’t it? 20th November was a Tuesday, plus there was no prior news that it would be the day to get the specializations.

From what I understand it was if you played between the 6th (release day) and the 20th.

OP, did you get the standard edition or the limited edition preordered?

No, if you played any time before the 20th of November you’re registered to receive the code.

Although there are still some who have yet to get the code. Why that is, is something you’ll have to take up to 343, who have not responded to the issue.

Well I have the standard, but was told that it didn’t matter, as long as you played before the 20th.

Thanks for the feedback though.

It was definitely “play before 11:59:59 pm on Nov. 20”


All people that have been deemed eligible by Microsoft’s record keeping, have been sent codes at least once. They aren’t going to send out any more codes, plain and simple. Also, 343 had little to nothing to do with the promotion, otherwise they would be the ones sending out codes. Definitely Microsoft’s doing and 343 did all they could to help out.

You’ll just have to wait until they release the specs for everyone, and play the game for fun.

Specialization codes have been distributed. For more information on the distribution process, check this post