So I just tried Black Ops 2...

I got hold of Black Ops the other day and have been giving it a bash. As someone who has only played Modern Warfare 2 a bit, I have always preferred Halo in the past. The report is that the multiplayer on COD is a decent laugh, but not as fun as Halo War Games.

Zombies however, is brilliant with a group of friends. It’s something you can jump into and really gives an enjoyable yet not-to-serious survival experience.

Me and the same group tried the Spartan Ops missions for this week afterwards, and it’s simply nowhere near as fun. It felt like a chore to be honest, replaying last weeks levels with a tacked on story. Spartan Ops was advertised as being a whole new campaign to carry on the story of Halo, but it just isn’t that. I hope the third week pulls itself together because this week has been a very poor start for the weekly series. Spartan Ops probably would’ve worked better as a single level each week (each being the length of a campaign mission) resulting in a 10 level story after the season is over. It probably would’ve been made more involving, with more story happening each week instead of just trying to fill a couple of missions with “rescue X, clear Y” thrown into the mix.

Before all the bashing and “go back to COD” starts, I would like people who have played Zombies and Spartan Ops to give their opinions on both. As I said, War Games is better than COD multiplayer (my personal opinion) but Zombies is so much better than Spartan Ops in terms of a co-op experience.

A lot of people here should give Black Ops a try before all the hate, it’s a fun game despite the community - although the community here can be easily just as bad. Many people here have judged it before giving it a chance.

I ordered Black Ops II the other day, it is meant to be here today.

I thought i would give CoD 1 more try.

zombies is the only reason i want black ops 2 but im not paying 40quid just for zombies they should release a separate game for zombies or something

I played Black Ops as my first “modern COD” game and honestly, I found nothing impressive except Zombies. A lot about the game was bad, but when I played Zombies, I thought it was better then Firefight. And luckily for us, its Treyarch’s thing, so Infinity Ward can’t take it and screw it up. I have yet to try Spops or anything online. But playing alone in Zombies is a great thing.

I will still pick it up in a discount bin. I’m not willing to go spend $50-60 for just one game mode.

I tried Zombies on my stepson’s COD last year

It is fun but was not impressed really. Spartan ops has what I want, an actual story that drives forward with the campaign

From what I have read (haven’t played it mind you) the changes made to zombies seem to be more frustrating than positive.

Every time a new COD comes out I buy it and get sick of it within two days and wonder why I bought it. Not making that mistake again.

The competitive multiplayer is more of hide and seek than it has to do with gun battles.

Zombies mode is decent at best. Left 4 Dead does it ten times better.

I haven’t played Black Ops 2 yet, but I have played the previous COD’s. But yes, I completely agree with you on that fact that COD does know how to make a good co-op experience. To be honest Zombies is the only thing I played when I got Black Ops. I can’t judge it yet, but Spartan Ops will have to do better then recycling old Spartan Ops maps from the previous week. And I had never though about it, but yeah it does sort of feel like a chore. BUT, Halo 4 is still an amazing game despite some of its hiccups.
P.S. While Spartan Ops and Reach’s firefight have not been so great, Halo is capable of awesome co-op. Just look at ODST Firefight. I think I had more fun with that then I did with zombies.

Ha ya all of my roommates bought halo 4. Only one of us is buying BO2. We want to play zombies. I only play spartan ops because they give a lot of XP and I like completing the entire game.

Bring in an unlimited version of firefight!!! Start a petition!!!

The COD games are generally quite fun, the modern warfare series i think is a lot more fun, zombies is ok… it is a bit restricted though, content isnt open enough, i prefer spartan ops 10 episode idea on new fresh content every week.#

I would say that the COD Spec Ops is far better than zombies, but i like challenge co-op gaming, im a massive ghost recon fan so shooting zombies is a great party game, but it just seems to not require the skill and thought of Spec Ops.

Zombies is the only good thing about Black Ops but it’s a damn good thing.

I’m loving SpOps i’m probably playing it more than anything else at the moment and if it was just one level a week (even a campaign sized level) i’d probably be sick of the all replays to do the challenges by now.

I just got finished playing some Black Ops 2.

Was a lot of fun.

At first there was a connection problem, but after I set my matchmaking preference to “best” connection, I was having loads of fun. Have a 3 k/d so far. Good pace. can t wait to get my Black Ops 1 team together to play 2.

If you arent having fun because of Lag and you have good internet (like me 30mbs 9ping), make sure you set the preference to “best” connection.

this is turning out to be a great season. Great Halo game, Fun Black Ops 2 multiplayer. we may not all agree here, but its a pretty good game this time around.

I liked world at war, and mw 2. After that they went down hill. And I lost respect for them letting a game out every year. It’s the same reason I stopped buying madden because it was the same game every year except player roster changes. Blops 1 was just bad IMO. I returned it after a couple of days and won’t buy another cod game. That’s just me.

I played it yesterday for the first time, it sucked. I though to myself “why did I punish my xbox by putting this game into my console.”

Every Call of Duty after Call of Duty 4 is just the same as CoD4. It’s like all they do is send in an expansion pack and add new weapons. Its the same damn thing.

Gotta agree with Nova on this, Zombies > Spops.

Spops could have been so much more! I too hope the episodes in the future are not just re-skinned levels like they are now over and over. I do enjoy it’s CGI story but that alone isn’t enough.

I think Black Op’s 2’s story was a lot better and was told a lot better than what 343 did with halo 4’s story.

I do enjoy zombies more than spartan op’s and this time I also enjoy the MP over war games. Dont get me wrong I do like halo 4 but this time around BO 2 is more satisfying and enjoyable than Halo 4.

Zombies is kind of a one-trick-pony. When I first played it, I had a lot of fun! Then as time wore on, I got tired of playing wave after wave of the same thing… you eventually figure out a way to pretty much last forever (at least you could in BLOPS).

Halo’s Spartan Ops was admittedly tedious. Some of the vehicle missions are fun, but when they gave us the exact same maps to play again… I was a bit annoyed. I would say Spartan Ops has more POTENTIAL than Zombies, but they have not reached it yet…

The thing that surprised me most about BO2 were the bot matches. You can now play most of the objective game types with them and they are actually quite competent. They set up equipment in clever places, they escort you when the have the flag, THEY PTFO!!! They are better teammates than most humans.

And if you don’t have enough friends for custom games, you can fill out the roster with bots. It’s a lot of fun.

Zombies is better than Spartan Ops…

And thats pretty much the end of CoD edging Halo in any aspect… in my opinion at least man people are gonna like what they like.

At the end of the day it comes down to, Do you wanna fight wars on earth or do you wanna fight wars in space.

I actually love blops 2 multiplayer, i always get it to play with mates but not enjoyed multiplayer since MW2.

In alot of ways Blops2 brings the series back to the COD4 era. Its all about guns and killstreaks take a back seat, if you look at the forums there are loads of wanabe pros crying that their KD ratio sucks and blaming everything under the sun, when in reality its because they cant inflate their ratio with streaks.

I love halo 4 too (i know crazy) but blops2 is the best cod game in recent years imo, and i cant wait to December 1st when the league starts ! (Halo MUST copy that playlist )