So I have an idea for 2 map remakes...

Seeing as this games is kick you in the nuts awesome, I figured it is quite necessary to give you guys a sweet idea for the upcoming map packs, (implying you haven’t already decided on maps of course). So here’s what I think: We bring back…drum roll…Sandtrap and Snowbound! Now I know what you’re thinkin’, “Oh God not Snowbound! That map imploded my left kidney!” Well hear me out; we remake said maps, but switch the biomes! I dub them…Snowtrap and Sandbound! Just picture it…instead of relics amidst swirling sand dunes, they’ll be in the middle of an artic wasteland! And that Covenant outpost will be set in the middle of Tatooine except with more sand! So now that I got that outta the way, what say you in your defense?

Really? No one likes this idea? Oh yeah that’s right they’re all complaining about such pointless things in matchmaking that they’re too blind to see a decent thread for once. Oh well

No… Just hell no. Keep the remakes in Halo Reach. We want NEW maps in Halo 4.

Lol, Worst map choices ever!