So I got kicked from a matchmade H3 game.... and then got a ban for "quitting"?

Has this happened to anyone else? I did not lose connection but was somehow kicked from a matchmade game (from another player I guess?) and now I got a matchmaking ban for it… what gives? how is it possible for someone to kick other players in a matchmade game?

Well you’re in the Halo Infinite section, so not a great place to post this BUT

I have had many occasions where I’ve left a game (almost always because most of the rest of my team has already left) and received no ban, then my brother d/c’ed and got a ban for it lmao.

Well, usually the only reason other players are able to kick you is if you repeatedly betray them. And that might be a bannable offence now, but who knows?

its not in-game. it’s during the pre-game lobby

I’ve yet to be banned in Infinite. I’ve been kicked for betrayals or inactivity coz i had to step away mid match. No ban. I’ve had a couple crashes/disconnects. No ban. But in MCC, it seems to ban you for everything except quitting after half your team has already quit/disconnected.