So I get back today and...

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Turns out one of the moderators banned me for a bit, of course by the time I got back the ban was over but wow,turns out if you make jokes with people and everyone is having a good time they will ban you. idk i miss how we could all have fun and you weren’t going to get banned for set fun a month after you posted.

mind you this game is rated M and players do things like t-bag each other(all in good fun) but apparently don’t you dare bring fun to the forums. I made a joke about 343i, nothing over the top I wasn’t calling anyone person out or anything right, a person had just posted a really long post I read it then I replied with “lol you think 343i can read” mind you these are game devs so yeah they can read, and I’m pretty sure they are smarter than me you know they can do thing like coding and what not and to me that’s magic.

What happened to this community guys? we fight over everything, be it sprinting in halo or the AR vs BR or what ever. Now you can’t even try to make people smile. What happened to the fun? idk I feel myself stepping more and more away from halo as a whole because of things like this(banning people very silly things) Like right now I’m looking at my xb1 thinking “why do I even bother sometimes?” I’m more exited about free to play fps games from Korea than I am for anything on the xb1 or coming to it.
idk guys I want to love halo but I’m not sticking around here if the forums are going to be run like this, don’t get me wrong I think this post will be banned or something I guess, but I needed to say these things because these forums use to be really cool now idk anymore.

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I know how you feel it’s pretty much like were in a concentration camp…