So I can't find games in Joint Ops anymore

So I’ve been playing the new gamemode, Joint Ops. It’s pretty fun and offers a casual experience which I personally love. I’ve been playing the mode now for a few hours however now the game won’t even load me into a match.

It states “Wait times may be too long to find a match.”. This mode isn’t even 12 hours old yet. It’s a brand new mode and it can’t even populate a lobby? You can’t even say there’s not enough people online since the other modes are fine when it comes down to finding matches.

This is honestly why Skill Based Matchmaking sucks. I can’t even find matches in modes I enjoy playing because if I play good in those modes it locks me out of the gamemode by only allowing me to play against highly skilled players.

The mode is clearly meant to provide a more casual experience. Now I’m being punished for playing well and not being allowed to play modes I enjoy.