So I am cleaning out my garage and find my old XBOX...

that had been mothballed in favor of raising kids these past 7 years (and a Wii for their enjoyment). In addition, I find a couple of lame games I had, but at the bottom of the box was HALO CE. “Wonder if it still works? Let’s see…”.

We have many Wii games (of which only Mario Cart is worth a try). However, Wii has been permanently mothballed in my mind. I enjoyed playing Halo so much in early December as well as 7 years ago, my wife went out and grabbed me XBOX360 and Reach. After playing through it, I also went to local GameStop and found Halo WARS and Halo 3 and have played them as well. An excellent Christmas, I must say.

I had Halo2 once, but it was not in the box, and I do not remember where I put it, so I am somewhat aggrivated. Is there a way to find it and play it on 360? I fondly recall that it had a deep level (or high tower?) and at the end, there was a very large circular platform on which many Covenant were trying to kill me. I want to play that again.

Anyhow, it’s great to be back and I look forward to catching up on the story again. Halo CE ruled when it came out, but I recall Halo2 being great as well.

BTW, I also seem to recall playing as one of the Covenant, was there a second disc in Halo2 or something that was a seperate game?

Halo 2 is backwards compatible with XBox 360, meaning that you can play it on the 360 by inserting the disc :wink: However, XBL for original XBox games, such as Halo 2, was discontinued in April 2010.

There’s not a second disc in Halo 2(unless you get the Limited Edition, in which Halo: CE was included), but for certain missions of the Halo 2 campaign, about half the total number, you play as a Covenant Elite.

I guess your real problem’s finding a copy of Halo 2 in a store:P

BTW: Halo: CE is also backwards compatible with the XBox 360, so you don’t have to use your original XBox to play it. Unless you want to for nostalgia’s sake, of course :wink:

Hope that helped!

Wait, did Norway’s Collectors edition get a Limited Edition of Halo 2 that included CE? Here we got a Limited Edition that included a making of DVD.

Ours had both, I seem to recall. Because I remember that I had two copies of Halo:CE; one I had gotten in a bundle with the XBox itself, and one was included in Halo 2. I could be mistaken, but I have never had a cover for Halo: CE. But, my memory could be clouded. I haven’t seen my Limited Edition since 2005 or 2006, and only have a standard edition in my possesion, which I bought a couple of years ago.

Eventually I plan on getting a LE of Halo 2 just for the collection, I’d have a standard copy now but a friend didn’t bring the disc over for me to download the maps before the last day of old XBL.

If I remember correctly the level you remember is called the Great Journey. But that could be wrong.