So hows everyone getting this green and gold armor coating?

It’s not in the store or BP.

Is this one of those things only US players get or one of those code drops that pc copy paste before a console player can type it?

You have to watch an HCS partnered stream for an hour on twitch. Make sure your account is linked to Waypoint.


And if you want a matching BR/AR/sidekick skin, you have to watch the official Halo stream for another hour.

What do I follow to keep up with this info? is there a twitter or something?

They have a twitter account.

Does it have to be live or can I watch the replay?

It has to be live while the event is going on.

Never mind. I see it’s an old post.

Others have already answered, but it’s also worth noting that the HCS Anaheim event will have twitch drops enabled :grinning:.

There hasn’t been any info on whether or not it will repeat the previous drops, or be brand new.

I expect there will be a similar rewards structure.

  1. Reward 1 for watching 1hr of the HCS official twitch feed.
  2. Reward 2 for watching 1hr of a partnered twitch stream (this list was buried in Twitches menu for browsing twitch drops, someone else may know a better way to find the list).
  3. Reward 3 for watching 1hr of the HCS (Releigh) Grand Finals series. This was only available Sunday night at the end of the entire tourney, and reward 1 unlocks first no matter what. So if you tune in to the grand finals and there isn’t two hours worth of watch time, you’re locked out of reward 3, and you’d only get reward 1.

I got the partner stream just having twitch on in the background. Overall the HCS stream was really enjoyable. Watching Shyway and Ynot cast the series that eliminated Sentinels was really really good. Even though I am (was?) a Sentinels fan. I like how Faze put some really good H5 free agents around Snipedown, and I’m annoyed that Royal 2 marked their team worth a cheating scandal, so Faze may be winning me over