So how will halo rubicon protocol fit in with infinite?

It’s set as in the synopsis late 2559 we’ll before the start of infinite itself in 2560

So might it be possible we get some answers of what happened before the intro cutscene of infinite or will it show what happened in the six month gap?

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I think it covers the story of Spartan Griffin and his fight against Esharum. So presumably the audio log stories.

I don’t think they will provide any answers concerning the status of Earth, the Guardians or the Created. My expectation is that they’ll get attacked by the Banished and get that weird tunnel vision in every Halo novel where they only discuss what’s immediately relevant to them.


I think we’ll get a more in-depth look at what happened during the battle of Installation 07, as well as perhaps some answers as to the state of the rest of the Galaxy and maybe, just maybe, more information on the Xalanyn from the Banished perspective.

Going off the first few chapters of Divine Wind I wouldn’t hold my breath. The character is on her mission, briefly thinks “well that happened” then acts like it’s not relevant and doesn’t think about it. No dwelling on the destruction of the UNSC, occupation of Earth by Reapers or fate of any family on the planet?

I know later on she does tell Cutter about this. Maybe they make a bigger deal of it then but it’s not exactly telling you anything you don’t already know.

I reckon the book will be very Banished focused and yes, cryptically show a little more of the Endless. Probably will get the emergence of the Harbinger scene and her interrogation of that guy.

They’ll be trapped on Zeta Halo so won’t be in a position to know the State of the wider Galaxy.

I haven’t read that storyline yet, but I’m starting tonight

It feels like this book will introduce what happened to the UNSC INFINITY. There is also a background story about the characters of the BANISHED. Maybe it’s a multi perspective narrative.
On Amazon, the sale of the novel is postponed. We probably won’t see it until June.

and it might include some more info on two of the unaccounted spartans horvath (the guy wearing Anubis on the main cover) and kovan (the one on the back cover with stone) that still leaves Vettel’s whereabouts

Hmm, June is after the start of Season 2? If they’re going to do a multiplayer story that would suggest it somehow ties in to the Rubicon Protocal. If they expected the book to be out long after season 2. Maybe they do get to Zeta Halo but a different part of it? Be odd for them not to meet up with Chief.

Unless it does give more details on the Infinity and that’s what the multi campaign is about.

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I guess a lot of things will be launched at that time, and then the sale of the novel will be adjusted accordingly.
The probability is about the plot. After all, it will be a major version update.The stories of the Spartans may have provided such crucial information that 343 did not want the plot to leak.

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I think it’s going to be one of the most grimdark novels we’ll have gotten since Nylund’s novels. Which is why I might skip it, since we know almost all of the Spartans are just going to die.

still it’ll at least fill some blanks between the attack adn the start of the campgian

We already know what happen to Spartan Griffin and fireteam Taurus, I really hope the book will tell us about how the Infinity lose and what happen to Lasky, Halsey, blue team and Osiris.

we only know what happened to most of the fireteam theres still one unaccounted Vettel his whereabouts are still unknown

Ifs heavily implied to add context to the audio logs in infinite one directly mentions the rubicon protocol

I’m really hoping this one gives us both more information as to what happened when the Infinity went down, but also what happens with Horvath when he continued his journey on the ring. When I hit that final audio log and found out he was continuing his journey and didn’t die like most of the others I really started getting hyped for Rubicon Protocol and continuing that thread.