So how do you actually complete the "free" event pass?

I’m aware there’s 3 different weeks where the event pass will be available. Now since the challenges can only appear in weeklies, it looks like we’re forced to “get lucky”?

In my case I had 7 challenges (and technically the Ultimate challenge which I also had to do in the event playlist - but that one didn’t count since it wasn’t marked as an event challenge for whatever reason). That gave me 7 levels.

Considering 7 challenges is forced, that basically means I’d have to dump these double XP boost thingies (which can only be purchased) right? Essentially making this non-free? Or is it possible to get more than 7 challenges or could I re-roll regular weeklies to get more event weeklies?

How many weeklies did you guys get?

EDIT: Do the double XP boosts even count towards the event pass?

The XP boosts do not count towards the event battle pass

If I recall correctly, you only get 7 for this week, I’m not really sure why they’re artificially stretching out the unlocking of further tiers.

It’s impossible to complete the event battle pass at this time.

So that means we’ll have to on average get 12 event weeklies for the next two weeks that are coming. Otherwise I don’t really see how we can even complete it.

And true, I don’t understand the artificial stretching either…

But good to know the boosts really don’t count so I don’t have to bother about them.

I found out they don’t work the hard way. ಥ_ಥ