So how do I progress this event now?

I’ve done my only 2 event challenges…. So what do i do now 343?

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I think you are supposed to pay to continue.


only 2? I’ve 7 in the week. You know that you can check what weekly challanges will come after you finished the current ones?

The question is after those ones are completed too, will more challenges for the event be available this week?

Only playing event matches works toward event items. But guess what, the challenges don’t seem to work, go figure. (At least not all of them)

Yeah I’ve been given 2, rest are big team and kills

Sorry i have 2 more so 4 in total

No way of paying towards this one. Can even buy pieces since I don’t have the core even if i wanted to :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

There’s a total of 7, and it’s a 30 tier pass. So if each of the 3 weeks the event is live there are only 7 challenges for it… how does the pass get completed? Hopefully the next time it’s live there’ll be more than 7 event challenges.

Press Y (dunno PC) on the challenges screen to See upcoming ones…