So how about that November Update?

343’s been teasing this update for MCC for a while now, since before Halo: Infinite’s Winter Update. We know that some new features and content will be coming to Halo 4, including Bandana and Acrophobia for Campaign (and hopefully Spartan Ops) as well as Theater support for Campaign and Spartan Ops.

We’re entering the last week of November, so I figure we have to hear something from them soon. Halo: Infinite’s birthday celebration comes to a close tomorrow (or so I assume) so maybe they’ll have news for us then?

Aside from what 343 has already confirmed, I’m really hoping that we finally get black techsuits in Halo 4 armor customization and upgrades to Halo: Reach Firefight like what we’ve already seen for Halo 3: ODST, such as Boons (friendly AI and additional weapon spawns), Vehicle Sets that let us customize what vehicles spawn on maps like Beachhead, Unearthed, and Installation 04, and maybe even some new weapons from classic Halo games like the Battle Rifle, Automag, Brute Plasma Rifle, and more.

Modders have already demonstrated that they can seamlessly port weapons and even vehicles between Halo: Reach and other Halo titles since getting their hands on the mod tools, complete with animations and sounds… and even create brand-new weapons with custom animations like the M73 Light Machine Gun that’s been making waves on Nexus.


The update probably comes this or next wednesday, idk why we didnt hear any news about it besides some teases here and there

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Given the lack of a concrete date or even week (either this week or next) from the community update I’m expecting an early December delay. If it’s delayed I would prefer them to be up front and tell us instead of hoping it shadow launches any day now.


All I want is campaign crossplay for the rest of the series. This extra stuff is cool, but my GF and I prefer campaign over multiplayer, especially on MCC.


Think these days not much is given, it just drops when it’s ready, then maybe a blog about what’s in it. Just wish they would put Reach back the way it was, or give toggle option so don’t have to deal with it looking like someone smeared vaseline over the screen :-/


Sooo …. How about that November update?

Hopefully today December 6th we will learn about the November update!


Well, we didnt - but 343 employee snickerdoodle posted some rad meme pics that we may get the update today!

Also one of the Halo mods on discord said it comes out today?

No knowledge of whats actually in the update though, but thats what happens when information is trickled via Twitter/Discord.

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It’s out today??? So in a few hours with this weeks Exchange maybe…awesome!

If that lizard he posted is real that’s so cute lol.


The above seems to hint the November update is scheduled today, yeah. But again, no idea what that means.


Tis a gecko, and they are indeed real


The update is out along with the H2A and H4 mod tools, all of the other tools got updates as well. However at this moment I could download the H2A mod tools but the H4 mod tools page is up but cannot download it?

Still sitting through the update right now (started 40 min. ago, currently at 50.9%). I remember talk about plans to bring the Bandana Skull to H4’s campaign. Can somebody tell me if they put it in for Spartan Ops, too?

Yes, its also for Spartan Ops (See it in the top left of the screenshot, I also highlighted Acro)


H4 mod tools page is up but cannot download it?

should work now

I skimmed through what’s been added but not aware of all of it but that join back feature is dope. I’m hoping there’s been fixes though.

Replying late, I see it now thanks!

I’ve never seen a gecko smiling like that before though lol so adorable.

This update is fantastic. I ******* love the Pub Team so much. And it seems they luckily understand there’s a lot more that still needs doing and they’re extending MCC support beyond this year.

Great update.
Great Pub Team.
Great to be a Halo fan again.

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