So have they added anything new ?

So have they added anything worth making people come back to this game yet any news on new gametypes or such ?

Depends on how long you have been away.

5 weeks

Short answer: no
Long answer: maybe

Still no interest in coming back to it because it’s so boring to play

Ok well that’s all I wanted to know thanks

The only playlists that they have are Team Arena, Slayer, Breakout, SWAT, FFA, BTB and a weekend rocket party for this weekend which will be gone soon. Also forge obviously but a lack of game types restricts custom games. I’m fairly certain there will be no new game types this month so fingers crossed for February.

Personally, I still love playing the game though.

No but they are play-testing those game types (which many of us believe will come out in the February update).

A weekend long, rocket-only playlist that has no reloading yet no SPNKR…because for SPNKR weapons on professionally made maps, you must play Warzone…because that’s where 343 gets to strongly encourage everyone to pay them more money.

So no. Nothing new has been added. Only until the cash flowing into 343 HQ slows will notable things not mostly to entirely exclusive to Warzone be added.

I’d check back after June 2016. Once this planned cash grab is over, the next one will begin. The next one will be the one that actually adds something of value into Halo 5. You’ll know it too, because you’ll have to pay for it in order to obtain it.