So guys 3 remixes left to go

so far we have all original 6 maps empire, the rig, colisieum, fathom, truth, plaza. And so far we have remixes of truth, empire, plaza. That means after the plaza remix comes out this week (overgrown) then we have 3 remixes to go and I think that’s it for arena maps atleast. The remaining are the rig, colisieum, fathom. And in one of the sprints they showed concept arts for the rig and fathom remixes and they look really cool. The rig has lava waterfall and fathom remix is more desert theme. Anyway so we have 3 arena remixes coming after this next update. Are you happy about that or sad? Do you wish there was more original?

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> Are you happy about that or sad? Do you wish there was more original?

Are you joking?
Does anyone actually like that we’re just getting poor remixes that mostly feature UNSC architecture?

True but overgrown is more ghost town map vibe then that and we also haven’t seen the others yet.

Yet no maps on sunaion or sanghelios -.-

If the remixes are like overgrowth - yeah - i want it. This is my most Favorite Halo Map so far - also i don’t see much similiarity to Plaza…(know i understand why people compare these to) if its like the others… hmm. Nah…

Ya overgrowth has some of the same layouts as plaza but the beauty of the maps and different hallways make it feel more like a halo 2 map to me. I like the small corridor maps personally

i don’t understand why we are getting these remixes of maps already in the game(which I think would get boring). Why don’t we get NEW original maps?

I’d honestly rather see something more and new. Remixes are cool from a design stand point, but from a gameplay stand point they are very repetitive and boring. What happened to the variety of maps that we had in previous Halos? Even Halo 4 had more diverse set pieces than this and I didn’t really like many of Halo 4’s maps, that and Halo 4 only had Forerunner and UNSC designs.

343’s map design is a joke. Double the map number, by changing the scenery of the same map. Yeah, no.

As long as the remixes play differently to each other than I don’t mind them. The new remix map shows that it can be a good feature if done properly.

I don’t mind if they are substantially different, and yeah that’s kinda subjective. BTB is the problem, We need REAL maps.

Not a single vehicle to be seen in 4v4

343 you have no idea how to make a halo game