So glad we are getting Twitch drops

It’s a great incentive to get viewership up on the events. Loving the look of the Sidekick skin, the Yoroi coating and the Spartan pose. Happy to take any bonus free stuff they want to offer.

If they keep up with quality drops I’ll be extra keen to tune in. But if we are being honest I’ll be watching most Halo streams when I can anyway! Just want to see HCS succeed so loving the strong viewership for this event. Long may it continue!


I don’t like that it’s yet another instance of “do this now or miss out forever.” That sort of thing is easy to accidentally forget, or miss while on vacation, or be too late to the party for. If it isn’t going to come back every HCS event, THIS stuff is the sort of thing that should be sold in the store.

Especially because it actually looks decent. That armor coating is probably the best one for my spartan yet. But I haven’t been playing at all this week and could easily have missed it, and I don’t like how everything they do is set up for that.


They may give it out in the future, but would then mean that players who already have it get nothing new that time around which kinda sucks.

It’s like if they recycle anything from the weekly challenges. It happened in the flight.

I don’t care if I miss stuff, if it means there’s always fresh stuff to get. Rewards loyal fans I guess. You will miss some stuff, almost guaranteed if you have any form of social life. I’m fine either way tbh I’d they do put the same things again, but that won’t offer incentive to watch for all those that already have it.

Can only imagine how many people only watched 2 hours for the unlocks and no more.

Not only this but it already has bugs. My accounts were all linked properly and after watching hours of streams find out waypoint isnt linked although twitch says it is. Now my only option is to make a throwaway twitch account for some items i may never be able to get ever again and its lame.

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Which is why I said they should be offered in the store later. Although really the whole coating system should change.

This whole “only one way of earning anything” idea is cool in theory but ultimately problematic. It may “reward loyal fans” but it isolates people who

  • start Infinite late
  • can’t play (or do whatever) for reasons out of their control
  • aren’t huge fans but will play and help keep the game alive

Not to mention, it is a huge part of what makes the game feel like a job, bringing you back with time sensitive incentives rather than allowing you to naturally come back to play for fun or to experience new content.

If they offer this stuff for free, they should sell it back if you miss the free event, and sell back the challenge to earn it if you miss it on a weekly. That way everyone can still achieve everything and everyone is happy.

Overwatch does it and it’s never bothered me. Exclusive skins I’ll never have. I really like some of them. But I didn’t play it 4 years ago so I don’t have it.

I just use an alternative skin I do like.

  1. This isn’t overwatch
  2. Most people aren’t you