So Far So Good In My Opinion

Ever sense I just got home from midnight launch and played till 3:30 a.m. up to today things in Halo 4 have been pretty damn good considering all of the gameplay I’ve put in so far though there are a few things I do not accept so far that I would like to see change in the future 343.

  • First I would like more sub gametypes added to the already standered gametypes such as; Assault, Race, 1-flag, normal FFA, classic gamemodes (Halo 3 style) and many others.
  • Another thing is that you NEED to fix the custom gamemode options, i find it frustrating to try and make a fun gametype
  • This is also a problem I have that I despise is theater, quite frankly it’s broken and need tender care, It NEEDS a recent films list and the controls are odd.
  • Lastly you need to fix the overall gameplay, to many times have I run into B.S. on the battlefield and I demand fixing.
  • fast gameplay
  • rewarding gun skill on loadout weapons
  • core gameplay is basically halo at its best
  • thruster pack
  • instant respawn
  • camo camping
  • abundance of power weapons
  • weird lag
  • shields dont recharge fast enough after full depletion(4 seconds too slow)
  • AA’s in general
  • no rank
  • flinch is terrible
  • strafe not fast enough considering huge magnetism

i like the game but i hope ranks fix most of this