So far I think this was one of the stupidest changes theyve made to a game mode

making it so we get 500 points for death balls in lss stand alone is complete crap. it truly makes it into a camping hiding game where a person with low kills can more easily have a chance at winning. its stupid

I just spend a fair chunk of the day playing LSS.

Tactical Clippy for the win!

The XP balls seemed to work well. They are worth enough they are a risk to move towards and try and milk the XP (especially when your last two challenges total 15000 points in LSS).

I would like more threat sensors to help flush out campers. And maybe some way to move around the ball so we can see a little better who is coming at us.

In the games I played the campers going for the XP were easily taken down by the aggressive players also going for the balls.

So, you don’t use EXP drops as bait?

343 removed the importance of drop pods by not guaranteeing power items from them in LSS and replaced the old incentive to listen and try and find a drop pod if it was close to you (a nice and realistic dynamic) to wanting to pick up EXP drops if you haven’t gotten too many kills.

I liked how the first iteration of drop pods in LSS worked, but people were QQing at having to find innovative ways of taking down an invisible overshielded Spartan.

I try to collect them all so other people dont take them because if youre the only one with br you basically win the game even with 0 lives left you have a high chance of winning against somone with a few lives

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That’s a great point.
Maybe if you get max level in LSS and start collecting EXP drops, it gives you extra lives (giving LSS endgame dynamics)?

Could be interesting to implement and maximise the need to collect EXP drops regardless of what level you are.

I really liked a lot of the changes to LSS, but I got literally the worst servers the whole time I was grinding for the weekly. Visible lag to my bullets and melee attacks. Half second between pressing action buttons and picking up equipment. Just awful…

I like the BR/sword loadout at the max level. With the point requirement for it, I think it’s unlikely to get maxed out without picking up at least 1 XP orb which is cool.

I think it was more fun before with the old drop pods.

The realistic choice of implementing an actual battlefield like mechanic of hearing a drop pod but not knowing where it is and knowing an enemy if they are in the immediate vicinity will be looking for it too was truly exhilarating.

Not having such a visceral mechanic due to some perceived advantage it gave to Spartans who are invisible and oversheilded was a bad choice.

Not designing item spawning around location optimisation (like a grapple hook in an area of the map with varying platforms) is lazy game design and doesn’t improve the balance of the game at all…

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I just assume any exp ai’s have someone camping them. More so if multiple exp ai’s are close together, and kill the camper first before collecting them.

Easy peasy, lemon sqeezy!