So everybodys got thier list to change Halo

Here’s mine, Short and sweet.

I think it’s an awsome game, very polished for the most part. I think it’s the best overall Halo. That being said, here it goes.

  1. Do something about the ghost. Nerf it somehow. It should not be an instant splatter. It should only be on big maps. It is very unbalanced in small slayer maps. Overall I just find it super annoying.

  2. Make grenades better. Nades just do not perform up to Halo standards. Allot of people probably haven’t noticed this, but it’s true. Allot of times when I throw a nade like in a door way or something it seems to bounce off the wall when I clearly threw it through the door way. This has happened a number of times. Nades bounce off nothing. I don’t know if it’s lack of testing or what, but nades are not as polished as other Halo’s.

  3. Give us the option to turn of aim assist in all game modes. It gets bothersome because 90% of the time I’m better than it is and it just slows me down and hurts me more than it helps me.

  4. Do something about the Boltshot. A loadout weapon should not be a 1 shot kill. Make it like the Plasma Pistol or make it ordnance.

  5. In game MM service record is super weak. I want to know someone’s rank and top medals and actual K/D ratio and Commendations. I want more incentive to be awsome.

  6. When I’m searching I want to know who’s partyed up and who’s not. It doesn’t tell you. Also, when the game is over I want to know who stayed and who left by looking at carnage report.

  7. Give us an option to turn off the menu music like Reach. It is so loud and annoying especially when I’m checking voice messages.

Oh, and do not nerf the DMR.

I have nothing to say about forge or customs because I haven’t played them.