So does this mean the CSR will be reset prior to a fix to desync?

Unless I missed something it seems like our ranks will be reset prior to a fix to desync. Which if that’s the case what’s even the point in playing anymore?

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Desync was fixed last week I thought?

Not even close my friend. Desync was made way worse. Getting stuck in servers in other countries was fixed. But that’s it.


The rank reset happens next week:

I was fine until the 2/3 update, now my desync is horrible… Please fix this, just want to play the game… so frustrating… they should definitely fix this before resetting the ranks

Yeah I read the article and saw the release date. I know this Friday we’ll get information on the “mid-February” update. However in the article addressing desync 343 mentioned adding in some back end stuff to collect more data on desync in the mid-February update and not actually release a fix.

I personally just think it’s kinda dumb and slightly unfair to reset peoples ranks when the game is hardly playable in it’s current state. There’s still desync and there is still an issue with cheaters. Both of which I feel should be addressed first. My opinion though.

Different teams will be working on different problems.

Fixes will come in all shapes and sizes.

Feel like I’m playing a different game to everyone else, just don’t seem to experience desync anywhere near as much as everyone else seems to be.

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You’re lucky! I feel as if the issue is worse on my PC then it is on my Series X but it’s horrible on both.

Me too.

I do get the occasional WTF with melee. And I’ve had a couple of rockets that didn’t seem to do much.

But overall it’s been good.

And since the last fiddle the game seems even more responsive. I mostly get 25ms games now (Tasmania, Australia) - but even if I do get one at 180ms+ it feels less sluggish than it used to.

And I no longer get dragged into 240-320ms games (which I assume were the result of geo-filters sucking the life out my experience).

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I sometimes get shot around corners, but I’ve dealt with that enough in other games I’ve become numb to it.

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Yeah like the odd thing happens here and there but I don’t dwell on it and it’s not enough to make me think twice.

I used to get it severely bad in games (most noticeably Halo 3) when playing on my parents crappy internet.

All games have been significantly better since I got my own house and have the best internet available. Was a top priority for me after all those years of lag.

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You’ve given me flashbacks to having crappy Verizon internet in the days of Halo 3 where I would literally be able to walk around as the only person able to move for several seconds and then just randomly fall over dead. Only to find out that the game had gone on without me while my internet coughed and wheezed while trying to keep up.

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S2 on The Pit, it’s gonna be a bloodshot 7/10 times.

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It will be interesting to see what else gets broken as a result of this update. I doubt I’ll play Ranked at all whilst the game is in its current broken state with all the desync despite being on low ping servers.

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Can’t remember anything on desync being mentioned with regards to the Feb Update, although they mentioned they identified some causes of it happening - so we might see fixes there.

They did however say that some anti-cheat measures would be adressed in the Feb Update.

Hope we’ll know more following Friday’s Community Update (Unyshek mentioned on Twitter that it would give info on the update: )