So does gamestop know something we don't?

Halo: Combat Evolved 3D< Back to Browsing Gamesfor Xbox 360, by Microsoft Game Studios

You have to sign into Gamestop Power Rewards to see it[

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Please post a screenshot.

I see it there too. It kind of confirms everything people are saying about it being remade in HD. This is the first I’ve seen about it being 3d. I don’t have a 3d tv, but im assuming I dont have to play it in 3d so Ill still get it.

I don’t see it. I signed in and everything. Can someone screenshot it?

I don’t care about 3D, I just hope 343i and MS are working on the “the Island” Xbox. Or was that the Kinect-Kinetic version?

I hate April fools everybody trying to pull off tricks. I never know what to believe. I’ll believe it when I see it I guess.

Joke or not, this would be the one thing to make me invest in a 3-D TV. Not Avatar, not TV programming, Halo!

It appears to have been removed from the site.

How very ominous.