So disapointed

Granted this is just the beta, but I doubt the full game will be much different. The game play feels too much like CoD and all the other -Yoink- FPS. 343 needs to go back to the roots of Halo’s great multiplayer (Halo 2 and Halo 3). Sprint was great in Halo Reach when you had to choose between different abilities, but to have it at all time with additional abilities just takes away from Halo’s fun and simple game play. Now noobs just sprint to power weapons and rush and beat you down no problem. I’m not gonna lie jogging everywhere in Halo 2 and 3 could be kind of annoying at times, but at least it kept the game equal and better paced. If I wanted to play with a bunch of noobs running around everywhere and fleeing to their camping spots when I’m about to take them out I’d play -Yoink- -Yoink- CoD or Destiny. There’s also no need for perks and custom loadouts, again this isn’t CoD so stop trying to make it like it, if people can’t get kills with the default loadouts they spawn with then instead of complaining about their loadouts they need to just get better at the game like everyone else had to. And stop with the mid game CoD commentary like “grenade out” or “reloading” or telling people when the power weapons are gonna spawn, those are horrible features that once again completely copy CoD and make the game way too noob friendly. Obviously change is inevitable especially when it comes to electronics, but why try to make a game that attracts new players at the cost of losing loyal fans from day one? In the end any new players 343 does gain for a while are eventually gonna end up back on CoD anyways.

The look of the Spartans is kind of upsetting as well. The armor in Halo 4 and in the Halo 5 beta doesn’t even look distinctive or unique, it all looks the same. In Halo 3 and Halo Reach you knew right away which armor piece was which because each piece was clearly unique and different. Customizing your Spartan actually meant something back then, now even though there’s more armor and things you can customize, everything looks the same and doesn’t give off that badass look like Hayabusa armor and Katana in Halo 3, or Commando/Mark V shoulders and the Security or Gungnir helmets in Reach. Spartans don’t look as big and badass anymore either they look scrawny and shiny, they look more like Transformers or something rather than Spartans.

Overall, Halo needs to stay as Halo, no more trying to mimic other first person shooters. At the very least if 343 is going to go in a new direction of game play and looks, which is a stupid idea, at least have some kind of classic mode playlists in Halo 5 that play just like Halo 2 and 3, this way they won’t be completely -Yoink- slapping hardcore Halo fans like they did with Halo 4. And bring back the good old Halo music, remember that main menu theme song of Halo 3 that gave you chills throughout your body when you’d first start it up? Yea bring that back. (:

4 words my friend.

Call of Halo Fall

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> 4 words my friend.
> Call of Halo Fall

Will you get out of here ?

And Christ am I the only one on this forum who is glad Hayabusa/the “I’m 12” armor never returned?

This community is a joke, lol the cycle trend repeats. Sprint AA reach is now considered not bad lol. By the time halo 6 arrive halo 4 will get love and not be considered bad lol.

I don’t really agree with anything you said.

But hey, no one is forcing you to play.