So Cortana is a Hologram that comes out of the chief now?

I just watched this weeks episode of Halo TV.
Cortana projects out of the chief’s body now, that was never a thing right?
She needed some kinda terminal or plyth to display herself yeah?
I mean, he could hear her voice through his suit, but couldn’t just appear beside him right?

What suit?! Hes never wearing that or his helmet in the show! :joy: that show is NOT halo! Its just bits pinched from halo and thrpwn into some god awful sci-fi production!

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Yeah its weird. I thought at one point they said she was being overlaid onto his sight or something, but then other people see her too.

She’s also like, inserted into him and a chip or his armor, making it extra odd.

I’m just glad that it isn’t actually canon. I would assume that it’s done via integral holo-emitter but that’s just a guess.

No that never was a thing, Halo TV show is a totally different history non cannon with his own rules (and will bring us in the new age of confusion)

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