So Confused Right Now

Alright, so I had preordered the LE version of Halo 4 from Best Buy. So far the game has been very good and I’ve enjoyed it. My problem began Friday. I had been playing Halo all day with no problems. At roughly 3 o’clock EST I got off to take a break and got back on at roughly 5 o’clock EST that same day.

When I got back online my profile was not connecting to the Halo 4 servers. I was thrown into the back up servers (the ones where there’s only 80 people playing infinity slayer). This wasn’t too awful since I could still get a game. Then I saw my player card.

Instead of seeing what you all see when you look at my avatar over there<<<<< I was instead an SR-1 spartan. My armor showed up as completely recruit being steel in color all over with the black dog tag emblem. I thought this might just be a glitch, but when I started infinity slayer, I found out that the glitch was my new armor and since I was “SR-1” I no longer had my loudouts.

On Halowaypoint, both internet and LIVE, I can no longer see any stats. All I get are errors.

What makes me more confused is that my brother, FatalityStriker, can connect to the servers and play the game as usual FROM THE EXACT SAME XBOX that I use. He has absolutely no problems with the game until I join him. When I join him, he too gets knocked off the main servers (although his armor and rank don’t go through the same horrific changes).

I’m so confused and frustrated as to how this happened and why. I like this game, but I don’t understand what happened.

Same thing happened to me but after I re-booted my xbox it worked fine.