So both elites and bruits have the same modualar armor system as spartans

Take your bets on how long till we get both as 50 dollar armor cores that makes everyone mad.

In all seriousness,betting we will get both as a fracture event or future season.


Well 343 always has been the monkeys paw studio. Wouldn’t surprise me if we finally get playable elites back and playable brutes… For like $60 bucks each and have to pay for all the coatings again

I think this is why they made the armor cores system. This is really cool. They are probably going to make it a battlepass, like they did with reach.

FWIW I don’t think it would be unreasonable to have to pay for a whole new player model/species.

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It will likely happen a few seasons down the road for Elites, where the “story” of the season is about the Swords of Sanghelios coming to the aid of our new generation of Spartans. Seamlessly enabling Elites to join humanity in a way that is supported by the story going forward.

Brutes will be much harder. First they will need to establish Brutes that are not part of the Banished and have formed some kind of peaceful relationship with humanity. Maybe do the same thing they did with some Elites joining the Banished, have some Brutes join the Arbiter.

Either way. They will definitely be a centrepiece of a Battle Pass, meaning each will only be $10 for some basic cosmetics. But the shop will have all the cool stuff.

It will definitely be a while though. The next several seasons will likely focus on Mark V, Mark VI, ODST, and Gen 2 cores first before moving on to other species.