So are you seriously just gonna take our money?

Still haven’t Seen any solution, or even a attempt to direct nor solve the problem. People are giving you money and not receiving what they bought. I have seen at least 8 people on here saying they are having this issue and nothing is being done. people are buying req gold packs and after it charges you but doenst give you your reqs. Also with the warzone pack also havnt got all of those either stopped after a compel weeks. This is a serous problem and honestly should have been addressed by now at least.
Please get this fixed!!

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I’ve come to accept that my money is gone. 343 is a bunch of thieves.

Fair enough with the gold packs…but people who are complaining about not getting their Warzone packs after buying their second bundle…should get themselves an education and learn how to read:
"Users may only redeem one Warzone REQ Bundle per Xbox Live account"

However I do think 343 should just remove the option for a second entirely to avoid confusion