so are we ever going to get a ranking system?

i have heard we were supposed to get one that will only be seen on waypoint which would be fine…i just feel the need the ranking system needs to be implemented into matching players up…i have just started playing the game again and play splitscreen doubles and find that i get matched up mostly with people who have 10+days played. If this ranking system ever did come it would make matchmaking a whole lot better just to match you up against people at your own skill rank.

any news on this? what are your thoughts

> CSR – Competitive Skill Rank
> We have been working closely with several internal teams on optimizing the ranking system, and working to integrate it into your Waypoint player profile, accessible on web, phone and tablet.
> More Details:
> • You will have a unique CSR visible per playlist.
> • Your highest CSR across all playlists will be promoted in the player profile on Halo Waypoint.
> • CSR uses familiar 1-50 scale.
> • When CSR launches, everyone will start with a fresh rating.
> Our targeted launch date for CSR is April 2013, and we will be re-configuring some of our most competitive playlists to accommodate the launch of the feature.

Source: The Halo Bulletin: 1.23.13

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