So anyone else hyped about halo 4 now?

So I just browsed the internet looking at videos of Halo 4…

Now I am extremely excited for it and i`m loving the way its going. I know its too early to form a full opinion just on the footage shown.

So anyone else happy about Halo 4?

P.S: i`m loving all the videos of Halo 4 especially the new ones.

We do not talk about fight club.

Ps - No discussion of leaks too. Kthnxbai

You dodged a bullet there OP. I’ll just certain red letters, angry mods, and an orange master lock preventing any further posts :P.

I am a bit pumped but i can only build enough hype off an incomplete build and we still don’t know a lot of things.

Nothing wrong about getting excited though :slight_smile: It’s nice to offset the negativity but i am not ready to jump fully on board until Halo 4 is explained more clearly. Right now? i am half ways from buying the ticket (good thing btw).

I locked this because it’ll inevitably lead to people talking about that which is not allowed on the forums.

You can go watch the leaks if you want but DO NOT DISCUSS THEM. Be patient. E3 is a week away.