So after players said they hate fiesta challenges 343I give us more?

So when fiesta challenges first came to Halo infinite the community was enraged and many forums where created.

343Is response. Adds them again.

I genuinely don’t think they read these forum’s.


Especially the Stop a Killing Spree in Fiesta challenge. I got another one of those horrible things.


You do realize that Fractured Tenrai specifically centers around Fiesta, right? Afterwards, unless 343 decides to revisit it, we won’t be having another event centering on that for awhile, if ever.


I suspect it might return.
If it does, I hope they’ve taken the feedback and done something with it.

Im doing it to unlock the MK VII armours. I dont even like the yordi stuff.

I remember them stating that the responses for fiesta have mostly been positive. Regardless, these events were planned in advance.

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Positive response? From who them selfs?

Initially the response to the game type was positive. But 343 basically set themselves up for that by excluding Fiesta at launch. So of course people were going to react positively to a game type being added.

Plus, 343 would look at the increased number of people playing Fiesta this week and try to tell us that people must love Fiesta, even though the only reason people are playing more Fiesta is because they need to if they want to complete their challenges.

I really like Fiesta. It is one of the easiest match types in the game.

Something I have noticed in every match is that the players who perform poorly are always rushing the enemy. These players finish the match with a negative KD.

If you proceed slowly and aim carefully, you will do well in Fiesta. Slow down and win!

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Seems like from every other Halo Infinite player except you if I remember correctly. You’re appearently one of the very few who dislike it it seems. Lol :joy:

It’s the best way to learn how to use each weapon effectively IMO. I like it for that reason alone.

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