So about those rockets on Haven...

I’m talking legendary slayer. Just how much ammo does the rocket launcher actually have? Seems like at least 6 rockets, that’s way too many.

Could this be because of the default perks that are assigned to every player? The ammo perk must be one of them.

This needs to be changed asap, 6 rockets just cause way too much domination and it’s ruining that map for me in legendary slayer atm when that is otherwise an enjoyable gametype.

Fix it please!

Agree. It should be 4 rockets at most.
And each player get resupply and explosive perks, so not because of the perks

When I played yesterday i’m pretty sure it was four rockets. I thought they changed it.

Rockets on Haven spawn with its initial 2 round clip and has 2 backup clips giving it 6 rockets total, and I agree it needs to be reduced down to four, possibly even down to two like on landfall

Has two too many.